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Expand and Elevate your knowledge of hands on assisting, 
your ability to connect with your students
and your understanding of who you are as a leader.

LDRSHP101 is a special weekend program that combines three really important elements -

  • teaching skills (hands on assists and A&P),

  • community building skill (connecting 1:1 with students,

  • creating community in the classroom setting), and a leadership skills (your dharma and goal setting).


Ready for the next step to grow your practice? To change your life? To create powerful results from doing the work on and off the mat?

This 200 Hour Yoga Teacher & Leadership Program will create a big shift in your life. It is an opportunity to experience your life in a whole new way.  You'll discover and grow through asana, meditation, inquiry, reflective journaling and service projects. 

We do this work in a collaborative group, co-creating a safe space to grow, shed, and transform into a new, stronger, clearer version of your essential self. Return home to a place of love, miracles and an authentic vision and voice for yourself and your life.

If you are looking to be challenged in a loving environment, if you are ready to take your practice to the next level through sweat and laughter, and if you have a gravitational pull toward teaching yoga... we want you!

INFO SESSION: Thursday, March 7th 6:00PM