Get ready to sweat.

Experience transformation in the heat! Most classes at CPY are heated within the range of 93-98 degrees using state of the art infrared, radiant heating panels. Infrared heat directly heats objects, delivering warmth that is healing and nourishing to your joints, muscles and bones; while building purifying heat (in yoga, “tapas”) from the inside out. You will be sure to notice the lasting impact of infrared heat in the body, leaving class feeling rinsed, refreshed and renewed!


make sure you’re hydrated.

What to bring to class, you ask? Your hydrated self, first! Things you’ll need to take class @ CPY:

  • Water bottle

  • Mat

  • Towel (for sweaty hands/face!)

We have mats & towels for rental ($2 each) and cold, filtered drinking water for you to re-fill your bottle and enjoy! PRO tip: Electrolyte powders (we love Ultima!) are great to add to your water for quick replenishing, and to avoid dehydration. Psssst- Let the front desk know if you need any!

the only flexibility you need is in your mind.

We are an inclusive community and all of our classes are All Levels, all you have to do is Show Up and be willing to try. Drop your “I can’t” stories, limiting beliefs and fear and step into Possibility when you practice! If you’ve made it this far, You are Ready Now!

Our Classes

All of our practices, Signature classes, descriptions and experience are unique to Community Power Yoga.

There truly is no place like our hOMe, and we are honored and thrilled to share with you! All of our classes are All Levels and All are Welcome. As an inclusive community rooted in the heart of our community, our foundation pillars of empowerment, sweat, clarity & connection, strength and healing are present and felt in each class. It is our calling to create a safe space for everyone to experience and do the work which leads to powerful revolution and transformation.

We can hardly wait to have you join us!

Class Descriptions

Power Vinyasa - A CPY Signature experience. Heated (95-98 degrees) using state of the art infrared, radiant heat panels, experience the transformative power of Baptiste-style Power Vinyasa practice. Heat up, Rinse out, Show up! Promises include an the cultivation of your powerful ujjayi breath, awakening, purifying, heated practice, complete with equanimity, igniting and opening poses, leaving you rejuvenated and ready! Offered in Express (45 minute), 60 or 75 minute formats. You are Ready NOW for a new experience of Power Vinyasa, this practice you can’t get anywhere else, we promise!

Power Beats! - Our signature CPY experience with added, uplifting music! Promises intentional playlists (which we share!) which feed the experience of an awakening, purifying, heated practice, complete with ujjayi, equanimity, igniting and opening poses, leaving you inspired, rejuvenated and ready, with an added pep in your step!

Power Core Beats! - Our signature CPY experience with added, uplifting music plus extra emphasis on building tapas (purifying heat) from the inside out! Cultivate your growing edge and add new levels of strength to your practice with challenging core exercises. Promises include an extra awakening, purifying, heated practice, complete with the signature focus of equanimity, igniting and opening poses, with additional challenging core work. You will leave feeling completely rinsed, inspired, rejuvenated and ready for the world, connected to your inner most strength.

Power of Play - Our signature workshop class! There’s nothing like CPY’s Power of Play! This Baptiste style Journey Into Power practice includes built-in time to play and workshop the theme of the week (inversions, back bends, hip openers, binds, arm balances, etc.). Deep dive into the skills of alignment and vinyasa (flow) rooted in the Baptiste Methodology and experience radical growth and expansion your practice! *The weekly theme of Power of Play is shared prior to class via our ‘CPY Community’ page on facebook (find & join our group today!), Experience incredible growth in your foundation through CPY’s practice, Power of Play!

Power Restore + Happy Hips - Our signature restorative power practice with extra exploration of hip opening poses. Vinyasa that moves a slower rate with more time in hip opening poses. Promises include the emphasis of opening while strengthening the joints and releasing stuck energy and tired tissues. Restore your practice, restore your hips, and create renewed, connected space in your body, mind and spirit.

Release & Rejuvenate - We all need a little R & R! Our signature slower, more mellow, restorative vinyasa class. Promises include the emphasis on a gentle flow, practicing different types of pranayama (breath) while holding unique poses to facilitate deeper opening, awareness and connection, offering new space in the body, breath.

Power Down + Cool Restore - Our signature healing practice. Power Down + Cool Restore is an un-heated practice which fuses a slower, strengthening flow, while offering relaxation, and restorative poses. Promises include an emphasis on preventing and healing injuries. Some poses are held for longer periods (2 - 5 minutes) to promote deep release and healing. A true physical and mental practice of meditation.

Sunday Service - Community + Service + Empowerment is Who We Are. This class is so good, our team likes to share it! Roll in and roll out your mat for a good sweat, via Our Signature Power Vinyasa practice, followed by coffee and morning treats after, with your community! Open your mind and heart to the transformative presence of this practice with your friends, and teachers. You'll be sure to feel refreshed, connected, and ready for the rest of your day! Don't try hard, try easy; Easy like Sunday morning.

morning meditation - Come sit with us! Create space in your mind, breath, and day with this drop-in meditation. No yoga practice/experience necessary, drop in before or after work and just have a seat with us! (non-yoga clothes okay!) You will feel refreshed and spacious with this guided meditation experience, held in our community room. All are welcome! 

(monthly) Community Class - Create Community! Our Signature Power Vinyasa, donation-based, class led by all teachers on team at CPY. Proceeds benefit organizations noted via the monthly focus and service.

(monthly) Clase de communidad EmPODERada - Esta es una clase comunitaria e inclusiva que se imparte en español para estudiantes de TODOS niveles. En el estilo de Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, esta práctica se entrelaza la física (posturas de yoga), la meditación (dhyana - presencia y despertamiento), y la investigación (niyama - introspección). ¡Libérese de cualquiera de sus limitaciones y permite nuevas posibilidades y crecimiento! Esta clase de communidad es $10. Fondos recaudidos benefician a ISLA - la unica escuela de herencia latinx en Carolina del Norte

Private Group class - We love sharing this practice with you and your friends! Choose from any of Our Signature classes complete with a teacher and assistant to help guide and deliver an empowering practice unique to you and your group! Great for team builders, school groups, community organizations, wedding parties, and more! Reach out to to schedule your session today!