Get ready to sweat.

Experience transformation in the heat! With the exception of our Yin & Just Be class (which is unheated), classes at CPY are heated within the range of 93-98 degrees using state of the art infrared heating panels. Infrared heat directly heats objects, delivering warmth that is healing and nourishing to your joints, muscles and bones; while building purifying heat (in yoga, “tapas”) from the inside out. You will be sure to notice the lasting impact of infrared heat in the body, leaving class feeling rinsed, refreshed and renewed!


make sure you’re hydrated.

What to bring to class, you ask? Your hydrated self, first! Things you’ll need to take class @ CPY:

  • Water bottle

  • Mat

  • Towel (for sweaty hands/face!)

We have mats & towels for rental ($2 each) and cold, filtered drinking water for you to re-fill your bottle and enjoy! PRO tip: Electrolyte powders (we love Ultima!) are great to add to your water for quick replenishing, and to avoid dehydration. Psssst- Let the front desk know if you need any!

the only flexibility you need is in your mind.

We are an inclusive community and all of our classes are All Levels, all you have to do is Show Up and be willing to try. Drop your “I can’t” stories, limiting beliefs and fear and step into Possibility when you practice! If you’ve made it this far, You are Ready Now!


New Student Special: 1 month Unlimited for just $49 (this offer is valid for all new practitioners to the studio— give yourself the gift of unlimited access to explore and experience this transformative practice!)

1 Drop-In Class: $18

3 for $33 (one month expire)

*5 Class Pack : $80

*10 Class Pack: $160

*15 Class Pack: $205

*20 Class Pack: $260

(*Our Always Gift to you: These Class Packs do not expire!)

2x/Week Pass (one month expire): $119

One Month Unlimited (not an auto-renewing membership): $125

Monthly Memberships

Commit to your growth and expansion on and off the mat. One of the greatest gifts you can give to the world is your dedication to always be a student, to learn, grow, and evolve.
These memberships are set up on an auto-renewing monthly basis, to which we ask for a 12 month commitment.

Power Yogi Proud: $108

Family of Yogis: $198 for two, add $85 per each add on, up to 5 members total on this group package! The family that sweats and does the work together… has an amazing life full of possibility together!

Special Offers:

The Committed Yogi: One Year Unlimited for $1049

The Dedicated Yogi: 6 Months Unlimited for $565