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At Community Power Yoga, we exist to gather great people and ignite them from the inside out. Like our name, we are all about community and we believe we are stronger together.

We know that taking on a powerful practice and dedicating time for self care is more fun with like minded people. We also know that it takes a little, ok, a lot, of sweat to make shifts in your life. So we gather, turn up the heat, move through a dynmaic power yoga practice, sweat, smile and savour this one precious life, together.

We are dedicated to creating a strong community, starting right here in Durham NC, one person at a time.

Our vision begins with you stepping on your mat, right now!


We belive in the trifecta of Yoga Asana, Meditation and Inquiry as the best way to ignite the life you most want.

Our classes are heated power yoga which means you will hold postures to gain strength, flow to elevate your heart rate and dig into deep yoga stretches. You will leave practice feeling complete from head to toe.

We are trained in the Baptiste Yoga Methodolgy which combines the power of heat, the alignment of the pose and the possibliy available to you.


Our ‘Journey into Power’ Baptiste Power Yoga classes welcome ALL levels.

Whether it’s waking you up first thing or sweating out your day in the evening, our promise is to deliver an empowering, impactful, igniting practice that meets you exactly where you are right now.

Classes take place in a heated room and range from 45-75 minutes in duration. Our practice room is heated to 92-98 degrees using infrared radiant heat technology. The heat generated helps to facilitate a greater opening and expansion within your body, as well as stimulating the detoxification process of sweat. Read more about what to expect on the “Take Class with Us” page.